Second Home: Türkiye

In Second Home: Türkiye, Syrian Refugees from all walks of life, telling their stories of how they left their war-torn country, took refuge in Türkiye and started a new life from scratch. Stories in Second home: Türkiye are embodiments of courage, patience, determination and integration.


Second Home: Türkiye documentary film is a product of three months work. Before making the documentary, a thorough research is conducted on the accounts of how the ‘Syrian refugee crisis’ is depicted in the media. Reading the visuals on the specific topic constituted an important part of the pre-field research. In the light of these studies, the field research team met with Syrian refugees, academic staff and researchers who work on Syrian refugees, as well as non-governmental organizations assisting Syrian refugees in Istanbul, Adana, Hatay, Gaziantep, and  Kilis. In these cities the field team sought for case studies that can present people from different backgrounds. In terms of the case selection process, scale is confined as wide as possible. People from the blue-collar to the white-collar, or from the small sized enterprise owner to the factory owner are taken as case studies. Interviews have been done both in cities and refugee camps. Sarıçam Camp in Adana, and Öncüpınar Camp in Kilis are also incorporated into the research process.

The documentary aims to overcome the existing disinformation about the Syrian refugees in the world public opinion. Having been produced by a mixed team of local and foreign members, the documentary invites its spectator to contemplate on social cohesion through the real life stories of the Syrian refugees both in the cities and in the refugee camps of Türkiye.

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