Expats in Türkiye

Expats in Türkiye is a documentary that narrates stories of 7 different expats from different countries: USA, Australia, UK, Russia and Croatia. Watch our video to witness their experiences in Türkiye and be ready for surprises!


For many years, the Middle East geography has been identified with many negative phenomena such as war, immigration, economic instability, authoritarian regimes, terrorism and so on, and negative perceptions caused by or attributed to these phenomena have spread through global media outlets.

Türkiye also gets its share of this negative perception operation launched by the foreign press, being depicted as an unstable, insecure country unrespectful to human rights and life, focus and activity center of terrorist organizations.

On the contrary, Türkiye is not the sole home to Turks, it hosts millions of refugees, hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals, and other ethnic minorities that live, work and study in peace and prosperity.

Our goal with this project is to narrate the accounts of foreigners in Türkiye from every walks of life, to present their experiences from first hand and to launch an initiative to eliminate  this biased perception.

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