Inspiring Turkish Women

The Inspiring Women of Türkiye Project aims to present a closer look to the public and personal space of Turkish women, who break the routine with their productivity and entrepreneurship in art, academy, business and science, to share their experiences on “Being a woman in Türkiye”.


Although many women face challenges at the beginning and work harder than their counterparts, by standing on their own feet, moving forward in their careers with sound steps and persistence, success stories are accumulating everyday. They believe being a woman is a unique opportunity.

Contrary to common biased Western belief, like anywhere else in the modern world,
Turkish women are rewarded in public with their accomplishments, recognized equally in social rights, opening horizons for the next generations with their determination. Believing that change in a society starts with women, Turkish women are turning crisis into opportunity, investing in new technologies, creating employment and most important of all, being a proud and self assured voice for all Turkish women.

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