Communities in Türkiye

All had different reasons to move in another country, that can be listed as social, economical, educational or personal. Yet when they choose Türkiye as a second home they had one common reason: living in a modern Muslim country which will make them feel free to practice their religion, Islam.

Türkiye has become a center of attraction, where Muslims from all over the world, regardless of geography, can find their place, to perform their prayers, to fulfill their religious obligations, to raise their children with Islamic education and values, to carry religious symbols and to live together in peace with the local people.

In the series of Communities in Türkiye, we are looking closely to the life of Muslim foreigners who choose to live in Türkiye and build a future for themselves.

Story of Amina Khan and Siddhartha Phillips who found their home in Türkiye

Two wandering souls in the modern world, in search of fulfilling their potential as human beings and Muslims. Creating their life space in accordance with their lifelong dreams. Having mixed origins, growing up in different countries, building a life together with two young kids; This is the story of Amina Khan and Siddhartha Phillips who found their home in Türkiye.

Jenny Molendyk Divleli, A Canadian Muslim working for the youth in Türkiye

Jenny Molendyk Divleli, a Canadian educator and author who found her answers in Islam, settled in Türkiye with her family in 2012 as she wanted to raise her children in a country where they can learn and love Islam. She aspires to be a guiding Muslim whom people can safely approach and ask any question they have in mind.

Story of an Ukrainian & Russian couple who started a new chapter in Türkiye

Sometimes, even if the countries you were born in are neighbors, life brings you together in a different geography, in a third country. Such is the story of Ukrainian Anjelika and his Russian husband, Salahaddin. The couple, came together by their search for meaning in the world, found the meaning of their lives in Islam and built their home in Istanbul.

Two Japanese Muslims in Istanbul, spreading the teaching of Islam

Building spiritual bridges between Japan and Türkiye through Islamic studies, Dr. Naoki Yamamato and Fuga Kimura tell us the similarities between Eastern Philosophies and Sufism as well as their stories of embracing Islam.

A step towards a promising future: Türkiye, the right choice

Sometimes a person takes a step towards a new beginning and it becomes a turning point in his life, and the future starts to manifest itself. The story of Moroccan Dr. Issa Aouhar is one of them, which began with his decision to study in Türkiye and continued with his professional life. Since 2013, Dr. Aouhar is experiencing the best of what Türkiye offers to a foreigner as a Muslim, humanitarian, young man, strengthening his hopes of building his future in these lands.