About Us

Lives in Turkey is a groundbreaking independent platform which aims to depict different lives in Turkey through films and ‘case studies’ to prevent false information from spreading online, aiming to help media consumers develop their critical thinking skills by focusing on the key issues. The films are the mediums of representation of people from all walks of life in Turkey.

Turkey, cradle of many civilizations, inherited the tradition and culture of ancient civilizations, has created its own culture and values, and contributed to common heritage of humanity greatly. To raise awareness to this multicultural, multi religious and diverse nature of Turkey and its citizens is the main motivation of the Lives in Turkey.

The dedicated two year project – the most comprehensive of its kind ever attempted recently – will take viewers into never-before-filmed in-depth topics, social issues, discourses from the east and west of Turkey, introducing them to viewers under a new light to contribute better understanding of Turkey and all it stands for.

Our team is formed of independent journalists, researchers, scholars, directors, photographers and artists both from Turkey and abroad. Our joint mission is to inspire people over the world to learn more about Turkey.